Heavy Sea

Heavy sea during the transfer to the shipyard

Heavy sea during the transfer to the shipyard
“The Angle’s Share” was to be transported to the shipyard by the end of April. Our skipper, Dirk landed in List on the 29/4 and arrived in Amrum in the late afternoon.

The next day, it was supposed to go from Amrum to Pellworm. It was not possible to make the trip because of bad flooding conditions and it was postponed to the beginning of next week.

On Monday, he had to cancel the crossing once again because of bad weather conditions with strong winds. Under a heavy swell, the crew brought the cutter back to Hörnum in Sylt. There “The Angle’s Share” remained at the Sylter Yacht Club.

On Saturday the 13/5/2017 at five o’clock in the morning, a second attempt to run the cutter to Büsum, was made. The trip went directly from Hörnum to Pellworm and the next day from Pellworm to Büsum. The cutter remained there for a large overhaul in the shipyard.

The “The Angle’s Share” moored at its old well-known berth in time for List’s anniversary.

Impressions from the shipyard:

“The Angle’s Share” on the return trip to its home port in List