Jöl en Reek

SILD Jöl en Reek 42% vol., 0,7 l Edition 2020

Character single malt whiskey from the island of Sylt

After the success of the pioneering SILD Crannog project, the world’s only single malt whiskey made on the sea is stored in a ship called “The Angels’ Share”, the distillers of the Sylt distillery faced new ones Challenges. A single malt whiskey in a bunker on the island of Sylt is stored and gets to feel the rough island climate.

With its beautiful coastal landscape, the rough sea, the miles of sandy beaches and the mighty cliff edges offers us Sylt – which historically handed down as Sild became – a unique storage location for our SILD single Malt whiskey “Jöl en Reek”.
Due to its ingredients, the “Jöl en Reek” is a real one Sylt boy. His ties to his homeland are reflected not only in his name “Jöl en Reek” again, which one on Sölring – one of the ten main North Frisian dialects – “Fire and Smoke” means, but also by its regional ingredients.
Such as B. the Sylt peat, which we use to dry the use moist malt. He is by traditional way of the
Soil preparation, won from pests. Plagues serves also as a measure for nature conservation. The resulting Overburden is reused as sensibly as possible on the island, at high costs due to an environmentally harmful to avoid evacuation.
This also corresponds to our philosophy, because the highest quality.
You get products from the region and are there good for the environment. Therefore, we also use the best Sylter Barley and spring water.
The passion of our distillers creates a another whiskey personality that gives every connoisseur an irretrievable one. Gives a taste experience.

Tasting & recommendations

The single malt whiskey “Jöl en Reek” with 42% vol. let yourself
best enjoyed neat at room temperature.



Dark honey yellow

Pleasantly vanilla with a caramel note after roasted almonds and oak.

Full in taste, slightly peaty Herbs and a strong spicy salty bouquet.

Very long finish, balanced spicyfor pepper, nutmeg, heather and peat.