725-year List

In addition to the two lighthouses on the elbow, List now has another landmark in the skyline: until October, a Ferris wheel spins in the harbour. From 35 meters high you can enjoy a magnificent view of the island and our cutter, “The Angel’s Share” from 24 gondolas, each able to accommodate six people.

The Ferris wheel, especially designed for the Stammplatz in List, fulfils the highest storm stability conditions. It was in the year 1292 when List was first mentioned in an order of the Danish king. From then on, the village experienced a changing history. In 1362, there was a severe storm flood and it was rebuilt afterwards.
In 1758, List boasted a modest eight houses and about 40 inhabitants. In 1857, the two lighthouses were erected on the elbow. Seven years later, List passed from Danish into Prussian hands.

In 1908, the connection to the Inselbahn took place. Only from 1940 was there a road to List.